The 99ers

The 99ers are a pop punk rock and roll band from the Twin Cities, Minnesota.


The 99ers are a POP punk, ROCK & ROLL band from the Twin Cities.

The band's current line up is:

Stephen Brookfield: Guitar & vocals
Emily Bee: Guitar & vocals
Doug Heeschen: Bass & vocals
Chris Schoonover: Drums & percussion

The 99ers have been played on radio stations across the US and Canada as well as in France, Spain, Australia, Argentina and Japan.  But their trifecta philosophy remains the same - BANG IT OUT, KEEP IT SHORT & NO MESSING ABOUT!!

The founding members are Steve Shannon aka Stephen Brookfield  (guitars and vocals), Colin Selhurst (drums), and Molly Holley (vocals) . Paul Miksic filled in on bass for live gigs.

Inspirational for the band's early work were two Minnesota DJ's - Ron and Jean of KFAI's Radio Rumpus Room and Blanche of The Fubar Omniverse (106.7FM & 90.3 FM) - who played the band's music and encouraged their activities, including securing a record label - Spinout.



The original line up recorded 4 albums, all on Spinout Records: Stand Up & Surf (Spinout CD036) And then There Was Surf (Spinout CD040) (Sam Spohn, bass), Everybody's Rocking (Spinout CD042) (Chris Cave, bass)  and Move It! (Spinout CD047).  

Molly, Colin and Chris then left the band and Erik Kaiser Crist joined on drums and then  moved to lead guitar, sharing vocals with Stephen.  Doug Heeschen a long time friend and fan of the band joined on bass and this line-up recorded Spark (Spinout CD050).  

Erik left the band in 2014 and Emily Bee joined on guitar and vocals.  This line up is currently recording the band's sixth album at Old Blackberry Way Studios in Minneapolis.